A Call To Reconnect

About Fung Alumni Network (FAN)

“With over a hundred years’ heritage in upholding a "people culture", we have always regarded the loyalty and experience of our people as our most valuable assets; and we are very keen to foster a long-term relationship with former employees by maintaining a vibrant and active alumni community.”
Dr. Victor Fung
Group Chairman, Fung Group

Fung Group is the official sponsor of the Fung Alumni Network (“FAN”), a private and non-profit making organization.

Our Mission

To provide a platform for the Fung Group to communicate with its former employees through the www.ourfan.org website and emails with the annual reunion as the highlight event.

Membership Qualification

Former employees of Fung Group companies with a minimum of 12-month verified service record, recruited through word-of-mouth among affinity groups of former colleagues and invitation sent by HR teams to colleagues leaving the Group companies.

Operations Committee

Executive Officer – Louisa Kwan
Deputy Executive Officer – Mable Chan
Human Resources Officer – Chris Wu
Finance Officer – Jimmy Lam
Corporate Compliance Officer – Maria Li
IT Officer – Thomson Ng
Executive Secretary – Karen Chow

Term of office  – Three calendar years


Spencer Fung

Terence Fung

Barbara Meynert

James Siu

K. M. Wong

Danny Lau

Larry King

Emily Chow


Fung (1937) Management Ltd. will provide reasonable funding to support specific FAN activities as sponsor of FAN based on a mutually agreed budget for each event/project.

Our Chapters

Currently FAN operates through three chapters in the region. Each of these three chapters plans its own local activities and nominates committee members with total autonomy.

Let’s Reconnect

Former employees of any Fung Group companies with more than 12 months’ verified service record are cordially invited to register as a member of the Fung Alumni Network (FAN) in three easy steps:

  1. Fill in the information of your last employment with the company
  2. Click “Submit” to send your form
  3. You will receive an email confirmation

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