FAN Taiwan outing on 5 Oct 19

It was a Saturday morning, going to office @8:30 am was not easy. Yet all FAN members were anxious to participate the join LF Taiwan & FAN outing and arrived on-time as what we did in the old days .

Very thoughtful and considerate, all FAN members were arranged to sit with the original team members. Naturally, we began to chat right away. Memories and pictures of times when we worked together popped out one after another. Are we still a LF staff, or have we already retired ? Thanks Fung Group for offering this opportunity so that we can share our retirement life with ex-colleague and they can brief us what is happening today. It reminded us that if we work Hard (at LF), then we can play hard (after retired from LF).

Our first stop was a bike trek. We enjoyed seeing beautiful scenes, burning lot of reserved energies. We saw a quite farmers’ market on the road, LF people started to show our strong buying power by ‘supporting’ our local farmers aggressively. After lunch at a garden restaurant, we started a team building program. This was a real challenge as we need a cohesive team spirit with sync-minded. The result proved that the usual ‘bund understanding’ was still with us and be able to reach our goal jointly as old time.

When we approached the end, all members participating this outing got one free gift. That was really a surprise! Again, thanks to Fung Group, thanks to LF Taiwan. We can’t wait for another outing soon!

Wrote by Grace Han,
VP at GHS, LF Taiwan, retired 2017/3/15 after 28.5 years long service.