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Fung (1937) Management Ltd.

Spencer Fung, Terence Fung, Barbara Meynert, James Siu, K.M. Wong, Danny Lau, Larry King, Emily Chow

FAN Hong Kong Operations Team:
Executive Officer - Louisa Kwan
Deputy Executive Officer - Mable Chan
Human Resources Officer - Chris Wu
Finance Officer - Jimmy Lam
Corporate Compliance Officer - Maria Li
Secretariat - Karen Chow, Thomson Ng

About Fung Alumni Network

The Fung Group is the official sponsor of the Fung Alumni Network ("FAN"), a private and non-profit making organization. With over a hundred years’ heritage in upholding a "people culture", the Fung Group has always regarded the loyalty and experience of its people as its most valuable asset; and is very keen to foster a long-term relationship with former employees by maintaining a vibrant and active alumni community.


To provide a platform for the Fung Group to communicate with its former employees through the www.ourfan.org website, mass emails and social media with the annual reunion as the highlight event.

Qualification for Membership

Former employees of Fung Group companies with a minimum of 12-month verified service record in any market.


Spencer Fung, Terence Fung, Barbara Meynert, James Siu, K.M. Wong, Danny Lau, Larry King, Emily Chow.

Our Chapters in the Region

Currently FAN operates through three chapters in the region. Each of these three chapters plans its own local activities and nominates committee members with total autonomy.


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About Fung Group: 

Fung Holdings (1937) Limited, a privately-held business entity headquartered in Hong Kong, is the major shareholder of the Fung Group of companies, whose core businesses are engaged in Trading, Logistics, Distribution and Retailing.

Li & Fung Limited (SEHK:00494) is the leading consumer goods design, development, sourcing and logistics company for major retailers and brands around the world. It specialises in responsibly managing supply chains of high-volume, time sensitive goods, providing sophisticated one-stop-shop solutions to meet customers's specific needs. The company's end-to-end logistics span the time a product leaves a factory to when it reaches the hands of the consumer.

Global Brands Group Holding Limited (SEHK:00787) is one of the world's leading companies for branded apparel, footwear, fashion accessories and related life-style products. It designs, develops, markets and sells products under a diverse array of controlled and licensed brands and a wide range of product categories. Its customers primarily are retailers, from department stores to specialty retailers and e-commerce channels, in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Fung Retailing Limited operates the Group's fourth core business of retailing with two publicly-listed entities: convenience stores and bakeries through Convenience Retail Asia Limited (SEHK:00831), and high-end to luxury menswear through Trinity Limited (SEHK:00891), plus the following privately-held retail businesses: Branded Lifestyle Holdings Limited, operator of a retail network of middle-zone apparel and accessories in Asia; Fung Kids (Holdings) Limited, focusing on children's apparel, footwear and accessories; Toys"R"Us (Asia), a joint-venture operating the toys and children product specialty chain store Toys"R"Us in Asia, and Suhyang Networks, a retailer of baby and children apparel in Korea.

The Fung Group employs 39,900 men and women across 40 economies worldwide, with total revenue of over US$22.51billion as of December 2016.


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